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Fostering and facilitating honest, compassion-guided conversations is one of my greatest joys and deepest privileges in life. I believe that when we encounter empathy, trust that we are understood and are given space to find our once-lost voice, healing transformation is inevitable. 

I developed my skills of attuned listening and intuitive awareness long before I entered formal studies for counselling therapy. With this level of sensitivity, I have a keen understanding of what people need to feel seen and known. I am dedicated to building strong and secure relationships with my clients that create space for growth, healing and change to occur. My passion for openness and learning makes plenty of room for clients to explore their own issues in an accepting environment. I love to laugh together with my clients and guide them in rediscovering the strength and wisdom they've always had. In order for healing to occur, it's crucial to understand the systems (i.e. family, social, economic, cultural) that clients live within. I am committed to conversations that recognize and expose these systems and promote justice and equality.

I completed a Master of Arts in Counselling in 2009 and have my Canadian Certified Counselor designation through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). EMDR therapy is one of my favourite modalities for working with clients. I have completed the EMDR basic training and am currently working towards certification. I have also taken additional training in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). Life-long learning is a value I hold dear as I continue to read, research and attend trainings to expand my expertise on all things therapy-related. I'm experienced in working with individuals, couples and families around concerns of depression, anxiety, communication, conflict resolution, disordered eating, complex PTSD, highly sensitive personality (HSP), sexual/verbal/emotional/physical/spiritual abuse, addictions, boundary-setting, and sexual identity.

Though I grew up in rural Manitoba, Winnipeg has been my home since 2004. I am passionate about dark-roast coffee, travel, podcasts, yoga, camping and the Enneagram. I'm currently dreaming of my next trip to Australia! 

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